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Introduce yourself

I'm an illustrative designer specializing in branding, packaging and lettering.

What's your background?

Way back when I was a kid, my friends and I decided we wanted to create covers for our games, so I tried working things out in Photoshop. I got the bug, practiced and did it for years before I finally ventured into the freelance waters.

Explain your creative process?

I start out by discussing things with the client in great detail. What is the task? What is the desired outcome? Who is the intended audience? I try to discover as much as I can ahead of the project. I supplement this with research into the subject.

All of this information is later used to develop sketches, thumbnails and ideas. I like to work with my hands so I'll use a paper and pencil or iPad and Procreate to sketch things out. I'll develop the very best ideas into tight sketches or full designs to present to the client.

I like to organize things into a presentation where I go into great detail explaining things to the client, presenting the designs and helping him see how the solution will live in the real world.

During the entire process I like to keep constant communication with the client, via calls or messages, as I find good communication speeds things up.

And that's about it. :)

What does your future look like?

What tools can you not live without and why?

Pencil- primary tool I use. I just find that it gives me more flexibility than a program. This can be replaced with an apple pencil
iPad- as an extention of the previous point, I use this to illustrate or letter my designs. LOVE flexibility
Adobe Illustrator- I use it to vectorize my designs and develop presentations. I love it.
Asana- I love the clear, but detailed view of all my tasks. It also helps that I can organize it according to my teams or projects
Slack- easy communication. Very professionally oriented and it helps that I can chat or call my clients or teammates anytime.

Any other resources you find useful?

Skillshare is fantastic. Cheap, easy to use and you learn so much.

Watts Atelier- a bit more expensive, but it's an excellent school where you will learn how to draw fairly easily. Just put in the hours. It's more expensive but worth every dollar

The ABCs of Custom Lettering- fantastic book on lettering for beginners

99designs believe it or not. And no not because of the money, but because it helped me hone my skills and develop my portfolio when I had nothing. Good for someone who wants to develop their skills and portfolio.

4 Hour Work Week and Awaken the Giant Within- first self help books I ever read. It taught me the importance of goal setting and how much mindset matters. Might seem pointless considering the current situation, but it's never a bad idea to examine yourself, your life and what you want to get out of it.

The Futur- a resource we all know and love. Watch their youtube content, it's very educational and very informative. Their courses are solid, but if you can't afford them, the youtube content combined with the stuff above will set you up nicely.

Any advice you would like to share?

Considering that everyone is looking for someone with 'experience' practice actual projects. Examine on what kind of projects you'd like to work in the future, with what kind of agencies and do mock projects for your portfolio. The very best you can. Pour your heart into it. Don't try to 'figure out' what agencies or clients want, figure out what YOU want to do, and do it.

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