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Introduce yourself

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen” this is what I believe in and this is what makes me passionate about graphic design. My Name is Kinda Ghannoum I am half Syrian Half Polish graphic designer moved to Belgium 2 years ago.

What's your background?

I have a Diploma degree in Architecture from Damascus University. Since I graduated in 2015, I started a training and worked as an architect for 6 months. After that I participated in the second Startup Weekend in Damascus as a graphic designer, which is held yearly, and my team won the first prize. At that very moment I found my passion in graphic design so I decided to follow it and I learned most of it by myself.  At the moment I works as a freelancer graphic designer in Belgium. Previously I've worked at MTN Syria as Digital Coordinator, and as Graphic designer in many organisation and NGOs in Syria.

Awards : Gold Winner in Logos Category & Silver winner in Branding Category, Indigo Award 2018, Indigo Award 2019, Gold Winner in Logos Category & Branding Category. Also one of the winners of 100 BEST ARABIC POSTERS Round 02 of 2018.
Merit Award (Professional Level) in Hiiibrand Awards 2018.

Explain your creative process?

My design’s concepts didn’t emerge from following one and specific design method, it can instead be described as an assortment of bits and pieces of several ways, influenced by my architectural background, my vision as a designer and the expectation of my clients. This was reflected in one of my work experiences, in a Belgian design agency, where my colleagues describe my design process as different, more structured and the result always depends on the step's workflow in a way to figure out the suitable design. During the past few years, I build my personal design approach, which consists to try and to understand the brief given to me. And to listen to what the client wants or what problems they are approaching solutions for, questioning him with questions can help me to understand how he thinks and what he wants, next I answer the brief in the most creative and timeless way I can. I do my research, I like to spend time on the concept. After that, I start formulating ideas to create drafts.

What does your future look like?

To be honest, I do not think about the future much. I love to design. I love to work on new projects, make a difference with my work.

What tools can you not live without and why?

My notebook and my pen, because as any project, I like In the beginning I start with a piece of paper.
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, When sketches were approved, it moves into experimentation using those apps
Adobe Lightroom is my favorite app for the photo editing of my work’s presentation.
UMUM to check how my photos and projects are going to look on my Instagram.

Any other resources you find useful?

Websites :
My favourite one was www.behance.net

Logo Design Love.
How to Use Graphic Design to Sell Things.
The Brand Gap.
Branding: In Five and a Half Steps.
Abdulkader Arnaout designing as visual poetry.
Dynamic Identities: How to create a Living Brand.

Any advice you would like to share?

Don't doubt yourself you will find your way just keep looking.
Read a book, get as much feedback as you can but the end try to do it in your way. find your passion and inspiration.

•Read books
•Read design-related blogs.
•Start side projects •Experiments
•Seek feedback from other designers
•Look out for tutorials
•Look for inspiration.

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