Posting a Job through The Designers League.

Advertise your job / freelancer requirement to creatives through this website, our community group & our weekly newsletter. 

Current Pricing

Freelance Project / £15 for 30 Days

Job Listing / Community post / Facebook post / Instagram post + included in the bi-monthly newsletter

Internship / £25 for 30 Days

Job Listing / Community post / Facebook post / Instagram post + included in the bi-monthly newsletter

Part-time & Full-time / £35 for 30 Days

Job Listing / Community post / Facebook post / Instagram post + included in the bi-monthly newsletter


How it works

1. Fill in the form below

Use the form provided below to fill in your job position and various details included with it. Please be careful to get this right and not to miss anything but if you do - please get in touch here so we can amend it before it goes live.

2. Wait for a response

Once you have submitted your ad, wait a short while whilst we check everything over and make sure it's all good to go, if so you will receive an email from us notifying you that your add has been approved and is pending for payment.

3. Pay, sit back and relax

You will receive a link prompting you to pay for your ad via Paypal, you may use your account or pay as a guest, using most cards, to check whether your payment option is compatible with Paypal, please check here. Once payment is complete, your ad will go live within an hour of you receiving notification from us that we have received your payment and have processed it.

4. We post up your ad

We will post your ad using all the included solutions and hopefully you will be hearing back within a matter of time. If all goes well, let us know and keep in touch, we want to hear any success stories you have finding your perfect candidate.

Who you will target

3,500+ Facebook Followers / 7,500+ Community Members / 9,000+ Instagram Followers

Using our growing following and community, we can advertise your job to a combined following of over 20,000. Our community is full of talented creatives from all over the globe and at every level, growing everyday - perfect for you to hire.

Applicants will be able to click apply and be directed to a web page and / or email address of your choosing.

When we post your ad into the group it appears in the live feed of the community, which greatly increases the reach of your job listing, from there any interaction with the job posting will also increase its visibility - it is by far our most effective solution.

We don't have any kind of hierarchy in our listings, every job post has the same level of visibility, giving everyone an equal footing, we don't believe in charging a premium for that.


Do you get involved with any part of the process beyond advertising the job?

We don't. We simply advertise your job to our users, we aren't responsible for whatever happens beyond that, so please bare that in mind before posting a job ad.

Can I post free jobs? 

Nope, we believe designers deserve to be paid fairly, even if they are internships. If we hear that any of our listings our misleading and false i.e it is not a paying job / position, we will remove them.

I want to post an ad for some unpaid charity work, is that okay?

Please get in touch with us at, we will talk more about the charity work involved and see what we can do.

I'm unsure of how to price a freelance job, can you help?

There are so many variables that we can't give an exact answer, but you may consider looking at day / weekly rates for freelancers, this tool may help. Alternatively you can list that you are flexible on price and leave it for you and the applicants to discuss.

The price has changed, why?

This is a new service we are offering and we will step pricing as we develop it and experiment, if we have any offers, you will be notified via email.

Any questions? get in touch if you need help posting a job.