HuffPost Brand Refresh : The Community Speaks


The Huffington Post has today rebranded to Huffpost, with a dramatic revamp of its visual identity by New York-based design agency Work-Order. This includes the site’s first ever redesign in its 12 year history, a new logo and name change across all platforms and social channels. (Sourced from It's Nice That)

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Libby : It looks like something a local car garage would use

Alex :  This is reminds me of Buzzfeed which isn't a good thing considering the Huffington Post is supposed to be reputable.

Ben : Looks like a streetwear brand now imo which is kind of interesting, albeit out of character. I guess it doesn't matter what they use as people use huffington post for their content, so as long as their content remains the same then people will still visit the site.

Chris : agree with Ben, there's a very streetwear vibe about it. it'll be interesting to see how this translates past just their visual language and if they'll be changing the tone of content on the site. i'm interested to see how their audience reacts, as i'd be surprised if this affects any area other than their "new readership" so to speak.

Marshall : There is no meaning in context. It's bland. Looks like something thrown together in Paint after a 5 minute brainstorming session by a couple of kids.

Mario : Another Re-bland

Baz : HuffPost makes it sound like a mail service staffed by big bad wolves. The logo looks like a budget sportswear brand. I'd expect to see that on some cheap joggers and budget gym vests. Bleh.

Danny :  Instantly forgettable.

Brian : I know Huffpost is liberal news and all so it makes sense they're attempting to target a more 'young' or 'hip' crowd, but it feels like it's trying too hard and being obvious and that's awkward when you're trying to a reputable news source when we're in a time when everyone is trying not to be labeled as 'fake'.

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Tom Luddington